MiniLatex Reader


MiniLatex Reader is a small app embedded in a ordinary web page (this one!) that you can configure to display MiniLatex documents or "live" lists of MiniLatex documents. Here it is set up to show a list.

The URL for this app is — going to that URL brings up the default document, namely the one you see on the left. You can also use the app to display other documents. Try these examples:



Thus one app can serve many documents or document collections. It is easy to set these links up on any web page, e.g., your own home page at a university or college or anyplace. That page can contain whatever additional content you like. By using method (1) or (2), you don't even have to have access to the server at

You can also display documents by typing their ID in the search box. Try the IDS 247. Try also the smart phone version at

Configuration and Installation

The host is configured by editing the text shown below, which you will find in index.html.

flags: { host: "", documentId: 424 }

See the README on GitHub for installation and more configuration instructions.

Source Code and Contact

The project is open-source, so you can modify it for your own needs. Please contact me at if you have comments or questions.

PS. For an integrated system for editing, creating, and distributing MiniLatex documents, see